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There are eight different ways through which you can achieve penis enhancement and they are given as follows;

1. The penis enlargement can be attained through the pills. These pills effectively improve erections and the enhancement of the penis is also made possible easily. A penis enlargement pill efficiently enhances testosterone levels, improves your confidence, increases the blood circulation and even allows you to have better sexual performance.

2. Traction is another way to bring about the penis enhancement. It is caused by using a penile extender that applies some pressure to the skin tissue and this result in the expansion of the internal cavities inside the penis.

3. The vacuum pumps are being used for quite some to achieve the penis enhancement. They help to pump the blood to the penis that expands its size. Such a mechanism is beneficial even when the erectile dysfunction needs to get treated as well. But users can only see the penis enlargement on the temporary basis. And if the pump is used for too long, or too often then damage is done to the elastic tissues inside the penis. This causes less firm erections.

4. The natural exercise like the jelqing and pc are quite effective in creating the penile enlargement. Apart from enlarging the penis, they efficiently improve the sexual stamina as well. The penis exercises will work for you if you properly follow the simple exercises guide. The good part is that the skin cells in your penis become more elastic and thus you are able to observe good results.

5. Weights are the fifth means that are helpful for penis enhancement. They are attached to the penis and the penis is enlarged through the stretching of the muscle. But many people think that the penile muscles are similar to other muscles of the body and can be bulked up through the repeated usage of the weights. Unfortunately, weights have not proved to be successful and some of them can be bad as well.

6. The penis enlargement can be caused through the usage of lotions. They contain vitamins, herbs, mineral or hormones that many manufacturers assure are helpful in enlarging the penis. Unluckily, lotions have never worked at all and some of them are harmful for the body.

7. The patches are one of the effective means to achieve penis enlargement. The penis enlargement patches work through a transdermal system and transfer the ingredients into the blood. A penis patch is applied over the skin and it comprises of certain supplements. So, the supplements get directly transferred to the blood without having to go into the stomach. Such a mechanism helps them to maintain their potency. Therefore, the penile patches safely and effectively enhance the penis without any issue at all.

8. One of the most common techniques to get penis enhancement is through surgery. It helps to lengthen the penis but a small part of the suspensory ligament gets cut off as well. After the surgery is performed, the plastic surgery is done in which a new skin is added to cover the length of the penis. But it should be noted that the suspensory ligament plays an important role by keeping the penis pointing upwards during the erection.

Thus, when there is no suspensory ligament left, there is no support for the penis. But with surgery, only some of the males have experienced a small penile gain in the flaccid length. Actually, the erect penis is of the same size like before and that the penis only points to the floor.

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