What Is The Average Penis Size And What Women Have To Say About Penis Size?

What is the average size? Most men would ask during a certain periods of their life. In order to find out what is the average penis size, Alfred Kinsey, in his legendary studies on all aspects of sex, conducted a clinical study on college males to find out what was indeed the average penis size. 

All penis length measurements were taken when their penises were erect from the top of the penis to the tip. For those uncircumcised men, their foreskin was retracted. All girth length measurement was taken from around the middle of their penis.

After all measurements were taken, results revealed that the average penis length is at 6 inches while average penis girth is at 4.75 inches. The results also revealed that majority have average penis size while only a few lucky ones manages to have a larger penis.

Does penis size matter to women? Cosmopolitan article entitled "My boyfriend's penis is too small" concluded that most women do prefer a larger penis and thus penis size does matter, an average size of 6 inches cannot satisfy most women, especially the hot ones because a smaller or average penis size cannot penetrate into the sensitive parts in her vagina especially her "G-spot."

A larger than average penis will allows you to touch nerve endings that could never be reached by the average guys and penetrate into the more sensitive areas of the vagina.

By having a bigger penis, you will not only benefit from increased self-confidence but also your performance during sexual intercourse will be enhanced.

Imagine when your large penis size reach her G-spot which send her over the edge and screaming in ecstasy as she experience numerous orgasms maybe for the first time in her life and you are the first to give it to her.

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She will definitely enjoy it and the good thing is she will ask you for more sex and you can give it to her for the rest of her life.

We had a conversation with Helen, 31 who live in Notting Hill. She live with her boyfriend of 7 years and she works in the pub as a waitress. She agreed to tell use why and how her relationship has been affected by sex. Let listen to her side of the story.

"Michael and I have been together for 7 years happily. As both of us are busy with our work, we have never though of married but we are happy together.

But not everything has been smooth in our relationship. As I am a person who is particular about sex and when we had sex for the first time, I just couldn't find the feelings that I wanted most. It doesn't satisfy me.

So one day, I have a frank discussion about this matter with Michael. He was shocked at first but after a while he realized that indeed the problems lies in his penis. It is just too average to provide significant amount of pleasure I had wanted.

Michael decided to take matters into his own hands so he purchased a penis enlargement patches along with penis exercises to enlarge his penis. He told me he truly loves me and he is willing to do anything for me. I felt I am the luckiest girl on earth.

My loves for him get deeper and I can't wait for his new changes. After about two weeks, we resumed sexual activity. I was amazed and thrilled with his thicker and stronger looking penis.

Not only that, he becomes more confidence and performed far better than he previously does. I was very happy because I had finally gets the taste of exhilarating feelings that I long wished for. I love you. Michael.

Our sex life is now fantastic, it have changed our relationship. I am glad that finally we got it sorted before it becomes too late. Now our relationship had improved dramatically. My advise for men is that they should do something about their penis before it may be too late."

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