Penis Enhancement Patch Or Penis Pump?

In this discussion we are going to look at two competing methods of penis enlargement. This is for the purpose of providing viable information on the idea of penis enlargement for those that might not have the right idea as to what they should be using for this part of life. 

Penis Pump
The penis pump is really an ancient technique of penis enlargement. It has been on the market for a good many years and has been used for just as many years. They are generally sold through sex toy shops and so on but they are being regularly marketed through other venues as well.

The premise of the penis pump is simple. You place the penis into a tube that is attached to a vacuum pump. This can either be a squeeze bulb for the lower cost method, or a small motor that produces the same vacuum pressure. The same technology is used for the purpose of blood pressure readings.

Once the penis is in place the air is sucked out of the tube with the pump creating a vacuum inside the tube. The pressure is continually being added to further pump up the penis. This is meant to increase the blood flow to the penis and make it appear larger and so on when the process is complete.

When the process is complete the penis does appear to be larger in some ways. This is because of the increased blood flow to the penis. However, this result is not permanent and it will fade with a short amount of time. That is why the penis pump is not listed as a permanent enlargement method.

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Furthermore, clinical studies have proven that the penis pump is very dangerous. It causes the stress to the penile tissue that can cause severe tearing, blisters and even impotence as you continue to use the device. Each time you wish to have a larger penis you must use the pump.

Penis Enhancement Patch
With the penis enhancement patch you have a completely different set of circumstances being produced. For the most part you have nothing more then a standard supplement set being used to produce the results and so on. This is where the penis enhancement patch is much more efficient.

The penis enhancement patch uses the new technology known as the transdermal patch system. This is the system where the supplements are applied to an adhesive backed skin patch. This patch is then applied to the skin where the supplements are then leeched into the system.

When the supplements enter the body in this manner they go directly to the blood stream. This means they are able to go to work on the issue in a much shorter period of time. There is no waiting with the penis enhancement patch system.

Between the two systems listed above there is no doubt that the penis enhancement patch is the better of the two. There are no side effects or dangers that come with the use of this system and the results are permanent.

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