Masturbation And Penis Size

I have never met a man who wished his penis was smaller-nearly all of them want to have a bigger penis for that matter. This explains why I constantly receive a full range of questions that have to do with penis enlargement. One of the issues that I am constantly asked is the relationship between masturbation and penis size. Does masturbation help to increase the penis size? Is it true that men who frequently masturbate have larger penises? These are some of the issues that I have to deal with every so occasionally.

For starters, if this were true, then no man would seek penis enlargement plans. Research studies have shown that approximately 2-5 percent of men have never masturbated. In that case, 95-98 percent of men would have amazingly bigger penises today due to their regular masturbation habits. As it is, a good number of men are seeking ways or secretly wish they had larger penis. Experience has taught me that there are men who regularly masturbate yet have small and moderately small penises- even though they also engage in penis enlargement programs. On the other hand, there are some lucky men who have never masturbated, are not in any penis enlargement programs, yet have big and well-developed penises.

On one hand, masturbation is a healthy activity going by the principle of ‘use it or lose it' which is advocated by some sex experts. Apparently, the less a man makes use of his sexual tool, the more the problems will be later in his life. Some sex experts suggest that moderate masturbation might assist to increase the penis size. However, this only happens if it is practiced in conjunction with a penis enlargement device or jelqing exercises. Whether or not this is true has attracted a lot of debate. Nevertheless, it is important to mention it as a possibility for some men out there. The individuals who believe that this works provide the following explanations:

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  • Naturally, masturbation helps to improve the blood flow that in turn enhances the benefits of utilizing a penis enlargement tool or jelqing exercises.
  • Friction arising from masturbation usually irritates the penis' soft tissue and thus resulting in increased size
  • Regular masturbation can help to improve the small micro-tears that a penis enlargement device uses to enhance the size of the penis.

While the answer to the million dollar question may appear obvious in the beginning, there are some men who have changed their penis size through regular masturbation. Most of the time, they intended to change the shape of their penises- especially where a penis is disproportionately wide in the midsection and thin at the base.

It would, therefore, be okay to conclude that a connection exists between masturbation and penis form. In that case, boys at the puberty stage will find this answer very useful. This is mainly because; this is the period where their penis growth is intensive. A little stimulation (correct stimulation for that matter) might considerably support its growth. Boys must also be warned that frequent and inaccurate masturbation could lead to incorrect shape formation or even visual deformation of their penis.

In conclusion, regular masturbation alone doesn't increase the size of the penis. However, when combined with a penis extender of jelqing, it will help somewhat - though minimally.

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