Why Do Men Obsess About Penis Size?

A general assumption revolves around a man's fascination for a bigger sized penis. They say such men are either immature, are emotionally unstable or perhaps belong to the gay community.

How far this is true? Is this the case or is just another rumour revolving around the most secret parts of our bodies. The truth however is that the obsession for a bigger penis comes from the assumption that women are satisfied only with a bigger penis.

Incidentally, it is usual for any men, except of course the ones bestowed with the best size will at some of time crave for a bigger version of their natural size. If not more, just an inch though. And if not the length, the circumference should increase.

A 28 year old car mechanic, Bob says he has never been bothered about his obese physique or not so good looks, instead his major cause of worry is his penis. Again, not that it is smaller, well it measures 6 inch but its below six in roundness. Hence, he wishes that it would just grow is little thicker.

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This is called obsession. Imagine if a guy with a 6 inch longer penis is worried; no wonder the ones even smaller are bothered about it. But are they right in thinking that a women is satisfied only with a bigger insertion? Let's find it out.

All to attract women:

Talk about sex and men are all ears about it. He believes sex is as much loved by females as is the case with males. And their attempt is not just to please her but to please her the most, the best performer among all the men that she might have dated. So, even the guy who is happy with the one girl he is dating, he wants to make sure that he doesn't lose her to any other better performer. Again, the guy who is in fact dating a lot all them will have this strenuous desire to please all of them.

A 40 year old bank employee, John says even if he has all that someone would want, a good job, money, married to the love of life, and the best part is even our sex life is awesome, but my concern is the my relatively smaller size. Although she is also small down there and hence I fit perfectly well in her, but when it will come to satisfying other women, I doubt if I will be able to succeed. But that doesn't mean I intend to cheat her, but yes, I am concerned about my size.

Same story comes from a stripper Cynthia from Toronto who says even after I try to console my boyfriend that his thick yet short size is perfect for me since my vaginal part is comparatively small, yet he worries all the time.

Well, apparently he is not worrying about the pleasure he can give to her, his concern must be for the other females whom he fails to satisfy.

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